The territory of Ikalto Monastery Complex comprises three churches – Sameba (Trinity), Gvtaeba (Deity) and Kvelatsminda (All Saints) churches.

Nekresi Monastery Complex unites several monuments of Georgian architecture of which a small basilica of II half of IV century is one of the oldest Georgian churches preserved till today.

Joseph Alaverdeli, one of the thirteen Assyrian Fathers, the founder of the cathedral is buried in St. George’s church of Alaverdi.

David Gareja Monastery Complex was founded in the I half of VI century by one of the Assyrian Fathers – David. Together with his disciple Luciane he came to Gareja desert and settled in a small natural cave.

Kvetera (Kvetari, Kueteri) fortress was one of the centers of Kakheti Principality (later kingdom). Its Geographical location contributed to its promotion.

St. Shio’s Monastery, locally called as Shio’s Marani is located on the left bank of River Turdo between current villages of Ruispiri and Ikalto in historical village of Artozani

Signagi is one of the most remarkable towns of Georgia, where ancient monuments are still alive. It is located to the East of Georgian Capital – Tbilisi, just 117 km away.

Gremi-Nekresi History and Architecture State Museum-Reserve functions within the Gremi Complex.

The museum is set in the palace of Georgian poet and public figure Alexandre Chavchavadze

People of Kvareli did not wish to become Christians and fled to Tusheti, though later still were baptized.