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Restaurant “Savaneti” & Lounge

Restaurant “Savaneti” serves both Georgian and European cuisines various menus. The restaurant serves up to 220 guests. We do our best to make you family dinner, business lunch, dinner with business partners, romantic dinner or just an evening spent with your friends, equally pleasant. We try to create best atmosphere and enhance the impression of your visit the dishes we offer.

Restaurant “Kakhetian House”

Traditional restaurant Kakhuri Sakhli offers delicious Kakhetian and European dishes made with local seasonal products combined with high quality service of friendly and helpful staff and Georgian hospitality.

Pool Lounge

“Pool Lounge” outdoor terrace provides you with ideal atmosphere to relax both you and your friends. Here you can taste delicious desserts and canapes, hot and cold drinks and cocktails. You can also get a tan throughout the day and revel in watching impressive sunsets.


Highly recommended dishes