David Gareja Monastery Complex was founded in the I half of VI century by one of the Assyrian Fathers – David. Together with his disciple Luciane he came to Gareja desert and settled in a small natural cave.

This is how the monastery started, which in the following centuries became known as David’s Lavra.

Additional information: At different times Onopre Garejeli, (XII ს.), Demetrius I, Onopre Machutadze (XVII-XVIII centuries), Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani, Besarion Baratashvil-Orbelishvili, Nikoloz Cherkezishvili (XVIII ), Gabriel Saginashvili (XVIII ), Grigol Dodorkeli, Anton I, Timote Gabashvili, Gabriel Mtsire and many more worked here. Manuscripts were written, selections were restored and assistance to other cultural centers was provided by David Gareja fathers. David Gardena had the rich deposit of manuscripts.

Dodo's Rka (literally, "the horn of Dodo")
Monastery, large cave
Domed church
Cells, cave
Built in - VI–XVIII centuries