The museum is set in the palace of Georgian poet and public figure Alexandre Chavchavadze

(Current building was constructed in 1886 by famous architect A. Ozerov), where materials about not only his life, but also contemporary epoch are collected, such as epistolary and iconographic archive, various publications (French, German, English, Polish, Armenian) of XIX century, manuscripts of XVIII century, D. Ermakov’s photos, paintings and works of lithography as well as Georgian, Russian, French furniture and everyday life items of XVIII-XIX centuries, dinnerware (Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Georgian, Russian), musical instruments; In 1830 Alexandre Chavchavadze started a decorative park which currently occupies 18ha. Alongside with unique subtropical, medicinal and technical plants the park homes exotic plants (from China, America, Japan, Mediterranean countries etc) as well; In 1835 one of the first wine houses in Georgia was constructed here where unique collection of wine samples (with up to 16500 bottles of wine distilled in different countries) is preserved.