Kvetera (Kvetari, Kueteri) fortress was one of the centers of Kakheti Principality (later kingdom). Its Geographical location contributed to its promotion.

It is first mentioned in historical sources in XI century; though according to Vakhushti Batonishvili it should have existed already back in VIII century. Kvirike III King of Kakheti (1010-1037) divided Kakheti-Hereti territory into seven principalities. One of the most important of them was Kveteri principality. The following fact also evidences the significance and powerfulness of Kveteri: Bagrat IV (1027-2072) conquered Kakheti and Hereti in full in 1040-1043, but failed occupy Kveteri. The trace of civilian life in Kveteri disappears in XIII century and is not mentioned in historical sources of later period.