Georgia is one of the ancient wine producing countries in Europe and archeological discoveries evidence this. Signs of viticulture and wine production have been discovered as a result of excavations - grape seeds and antique pottery of various forms as old as 7000 years. Kakheti is most renowned for viticulture among all the regions of Georgia.

The hotel has a wine cellar, where guests can sample red and white wine made using traditional methods, get familiar with wine making and cheese ripening technologies, participate in harvesting, squeeze grapes in winepress, make wine in ‘qvevri’ vessel and later bottle personal wine. In addition, guests can distill ‘Chacha’ in a mini- facility (Zaod), bake ‘Dedas Puri’ (bread) in ‘Toné’ bakery, and make a ‘Churchkhela’, buy local products and handmade items.